About Us

In early 2011 an old Victorian building that was once a Catholic primary school lay empty. Vandals had tried their best to bring the building to it’s knees. The roof leaked, the floor had sank, scorch marks from attempted arson threatened to overcome this once proud, sandstone structure.

Before it was too late however, the building was saved from complete redundancy by local businessman Kevin Farish.

Seizing the opportunity that this beautiful and inspiring building offered, some local independent businesses helped Kevin transform the building in to the superb destination it is today. The building as it is today is a testament to the hard work, the sweat, and the tears put in by all involved over the years.

As of today, 31st July 2019, The Old School is home to a range of different but complimentary businesses. Award winning businesses. Businesses created and ran by local people. Celebrating local produce, creativity, and talent.

Muse Make-Up & Hair Studios provide bespoke make-up and hair styling, along with excellent make-up tuition. The Art Room is brimming with fantastic arts and crafts and gift ideas, as well as providing unique workshops for all ages. Dumfries School of Dance continues to be fantastically popular for a wide range of dance and performance classes, and Dumfries Pilates and Barre offer a range of inspiring, and challenging classes. Tu Primus offers a range of relaxing services specialising in reflexology, reiki, and other related therapies. The building also houses up and coming make-up and nail artist Abbie Douglas who’s reputation continues to grow. And artisan chocolatiers the Co Co Co. Chocolate Shop and Cafe offer delectable hand-made chocolates, sweet treats, and hot drinks. More recently, Humanist Society Scotland registered celebrant Lindsey Mason Ross has moved in to add another dimension to the building.

There is literally something for everyone within The Old School, and we are all very proud of the destination it has become today.